Testimonial – MRC, Cambridge, UK

I would just like to let you know how impressed I have been with the Avid Nano DLS system.  The ease of use with the disposable sample holders is so much better than anything I have worked with, and the 5μl sample size is a great benefit too.  Also, the data analysis is simple and robust.  In the past I would think twice before using DLS, but now I routinely examine my samples with the Avid Nano. Great little machine!

Dr. Meindert Lamers

Testimonial – BMC Uppsala, Sweden


The W130i provides us with a handy and fast quality control of our samples before they enter the crystallization pipeline.

Dr. Terese Bergfors

Testimonial – Sanofi Aventis, Paris

We are impressed by the user friendliness of the W130i. The most interesting feature of the system is the BladeCell disposable cuvettes which allows very simple manipulation yet still provides precise measurement results.

Alexey Rak, Sanofi Aventis R&D, Paris.

Testimonial – GSK, UK

Brilliant little machine. In just one afternoon, we have seen more amount and quality of data than in the entire working life of the old instrument. I think everyone who sees the W130i in action would want to have one.

GlaxoSmithKline, UK