Common applications of DLS

Protein purification and buffer formulation
  • The unique sensitivity to the presence of larger particles or aggregates in an otherwise homogenous solution, makes DLS particularly suitable for protein crystallography and the pursuit of a pure, monodisperse formulation necessary for good quality crystal formation.
  • The exquisite sensitivity of DLS makes small numbers of aggregates highly visible
Molecular Weight
  • The size measurement given by DLS can be instantly converted to a close approximation of molecular weight provided by standard curves built into software
Micelle Formation
  • The speed of DLS makes it easy to observe the dispersion of micelle formations in a series of dilutions
Thermal denaturing
  • Molecular changes caused by a change in temperature are easily and quickly observed by DLS
Colloids and Nanoparticles
  • Measure the size and polydispersity of manufactured particles.