The quality of any dynamic light scattering measurement depends heavily on the quality and type of the light source, the detection efficiency of the scattered light, the optical alignment and control of stray light reflections.  Avid Nano have designed the W130i to account for all of these factors including a 660nm fibre coupled diode laser source selected because it closely matches the peak detection efficiency of the silicone avalanche photo-diode based photon counter used to collect the scattered light signal.  The maximum laser power is 30mW, being powerful enough to illuminate the weakest scattering from samples but not so powerful that heating effects become measurable or dust particles become easily trapped in the beam’s electric field dipole, disrupting the measurement.

S.A.B.Re – Stabilized Anti-Back Reflection

Critical to the W130i’s supreme performance is the integration of our unique SABRe – Stabilized Anti-Back Reflection optical design.  A small angular offset relative to the sample cuvette plane eliminates back reflections and ruggedly simplified mechanics removes the requirement for complex multi-axis kinematic positioning stages.  The result is an optimised measurement performance, immune to reflections and permanently mechanically stable.

Diamond Geometry

Size matters and the W130i is amazingly small.  The simple expedient of rotating the optics assembly through 45° to present the sample cuvette holder as a diamond shaped opening instead of the traditional square shape is a simple design feature which saved about 15mm from the overall width of the finished product.  The major internal components are stacked vertically rather than laid out side-by-side, resulting in a seriously compact overall package.


With so much experience in DLS design and manufacture, Avid Nano have built cast iron reliability into the W130i.  Every component has been designed and sourced not just for performance but for superior reliability and low maintenance operation.


The W130i is finished in a crisp white, high gloss with an illuminated, polished stainless steel power switch and beautifully finished labelling details to the front panel, imbuing it with a distinctly classy yet fresh and modern appearance.  A less obvious design feature is the ‘golden ratio‘ proportions of the outer enclosure which present a pleasingly balanced aspect and scaling to the diminutive W130i.  The result is an instrument which is both a pleasure to look at and use.