i-Size 2.0 is the latest control and analysis software for the W130i system offering our most comprehensive software package ever.  The outstanding appeal of i-Size 2.0 is that it is unburdened by needlessly complicated experiment setup and analysis functionality, getting you straight to the information that matters in the quickest time possible.

Features of i-Size 2.0

  • Hydrodynamic size and polydispersity index (PdI) to ISO13321:1996
  • Intensity, mass size, volume and number distributions
  • Instant molecular weight estimate for each distribution peak
  • Automatic temperature and concentration correction for solvents
  • Easy one page experiment setup
  • Comprehensive automatic or manual data filtering to handle outliers
  • Overlay and compare data easily
  • Print and export to .pdf .xls .tdf and assorted image formats

Main i-Size screen
Multi experiment analysis screen (2 samples)
Thermal Denaturing Graph
Multi experiment analysis screen (5 samples)
Chromatography Mode Graph
Multi experiment analysis screen (6 samples)
Solvents Dialog
Molecular Weight Calculator screen
PDF Report